Contents of Online Teaching

Commerce Department (BCom)

S . No Subject Paper Code Topic PDF/ PPT/ Video/ Audio/ Image
1 Financial Management
Dr. Bhuvnesh Kumar
C-305 1. Management of Inventory (Practice Set)
2. Management of Working Capital (Practice Set)
3. Dividend Policy (I) (Practice Set)
4. Dividend Policy (II) (Practice Set)
5. LEVERAGE ANALYSIS(I) (Practice Set)
7. Practice Paper
2 Principles of Marketing
Dr. Bhuvnesh Kumar
C-306 1. Practice Set(I)
2. Practice Set(II)
3 Business Statistics
Dr. Bhuvnesh Kumar
C-102 1. Business Statistics Practice Set(I)
2. Business Statistics Practice Set(II)
3. Business Statistics Practice Set(III)
4. Business Statistics Practice Set(IV)

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